Election is Coming… To Vote or not to Vote?

In fact, I didn’t even leave the house on Election Day! Therefore, I am in no way responsible for the mess you created and I have every right to complain! George Carlin, American comedian (1937-2008) The first election for European Parliament representatives since the EU entered the current multilevel crisis and the Lisbon Treaty was ratified, is upon us….

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Inter Alia Members “on the Cover” of Foreign Affairs, the Hellenic Edition for the Second Consequent Time.

Nikos Papakostas, head of Inter Alia research and analysis, published a follow up to the Bulgarian election on the recent issue of Foreign Affairs, the Hellenic Edition. The article that is titled “Bulgaria: the Inglorious Election – A Promising Political Stalemate” analyzed the messages of the election and concluded that the current political stalemate can function as an awakening…

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