Voice of Teenagers in Europe – VOTE Youth Exchange

Impressions of Students that took part in the Youth Exchange Our team of 10: Marios, Konstantina, Stathis, Alexandros, Konstantina-Eleni, Konstantina-Maria, Stavros, Christos, Evangelia and Sapfo After finishing the VOTE project with our partners in Estonia and returning to our country we have the strong feeling to talk about our experiences. From the very first time of our arrival in…

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Next Step for Youth Mobility

Partnership Building Activity organised by Eurocircle at Marseille, 6-9 October 2015 Ioanna Kyriazi One project with one purpose… Partnership Building Activity. The results were much more than this! Everything was perfect and every activity fulfilled the aim of the project. Marseille, as a city, also helped this project to be unforgettable. Get to know partners from 11 other countries,…

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I-COACH: Intercultural Coaching for Youth Workers

Training Course organized by ASAP Europe, 8-15 September, Fasano, Puglia, Italy Greek participant to the I-COACH project, Eleni shares her experience: I feel lucky to have been part of the I Coach Training course in Fasano, Italy. Throughout our stay, I felt that my presence in the program was important and valued and that made me wish to do…

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YES! How to become Young Entrepreneurs for Social innovation

Youth Exchange, 1 – 9 September 2015, Rocafort (Valencia), Spain Early autumn 2015. Valencia, Spain. The Greek participants finally met each other on 1st of September. The team was composed of 5 people (Alexia, Emmanouela, Marina, Paraskevi and Sandy). Our sending organization? Who else if not INTER ALIA? And the hosting organization? GOEUROPE! The youth exchange was about to…

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Voice of Teenagers in Europe – VOTE

We often hear in Greece that politics is not important and even irrelevant to teenagers. This group of 30 high-school students will join forces to prove the opposite. Given that all of them come from small towns they want to find out if political and social participation on local level, in their home-town has anything to do with more…

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Youth Exchange organized by the DOJO at Hertfordshire, the UK, 24-31 August, 2015 Greek participants of the 2-Gether-As-1 share their experience Maira: Participating in the 2-gether-as-1 project in Hemel Hempstead in England was a lifetime experience and a dream come true. Not only was I able to perform one of my favorite martial arts, kick boxing but I also…

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The European Youth Weeks Experience

Greek participants of the European Youth Weeks in Heppenheim, Germany share their experience Konstantinos Loukopoulos Taking part in this project was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Filling an application form and explaining why I would like to take part in it were the things I had to do in order to be there. Luckily, I…

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C.O.H.E.SION – Cultural Bridges for Youth Employability and Inclusion

8 days, 17 countries, 34 youth workers, 3 trainers, 2 support staff and 1 coordinator. 3 creative workshops, 1 campaign and 1 topic – the promotion of tolerance through the increase of employability skills of youth workers working with migrants. These are few indicative numbers behind the wonderful learning experience participants had during the Training “C.O.H.E.SION – Cultural Bridges…

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# I Migration

iMIGRATION – I’m migration! Inter Alia strongly supports the “I Migration” campaign https://www.facebook.com/imigrationngo?fref=ts. The campaign aims at changing perceptions about migrants by lifting stereotypes and prejudice, that result in any kind of discrimination againstthem. Our starting point is that we are ALL migrants and all migrants have much to offer. Show your support to the cause, change the idea…

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