Telling stories together for change | Future Narratives Training Course in Athens, 15-20 May 2022

In the second training course of the Future narratives, the aim was to empower young people through storytelling and future literacy on community level. Participants developed key competencies on how to better frame and share their personal story. They used their body, their voice and their heart. Participants were also asked to walk around the center of Athens. They…

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Community, Architecture, Mobility, Participation | Training and Exhibition, 10-17 April, Athens

Inter Alia, in partnership with Sirius Training, organised a professional development course led by Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources (ARCSR). ARCSR is a studio based, teaching and research area within the practice and academic discipline of architecture. Staff and researchers from disciplines across the School of Art, Architecture and Design along with Inter Alia staff, collaborators and…

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Training Course in Senegal | Youth Going Live 26 /3 – 5 /4

Art practitioners, educators and youth workers met in Senegal for the purposes of Youth Going Live (YOUGO) hosted by DECLIC in Dakar and Zhiguinchor. 35 participants from three (3) African countries (Senegal, Nigeria, Togo) and three (3) European countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Poland) followed the ten-day-training which aimed to promote intercultural learning and build capacities of youth organisations through performing…

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YE ANTYGONE TODAY, 23 April – 2 May 2023, Athens, Greece

The “ANTYGONE Today: Tools for empowering young people subjected to discrimination and marginalisation” is a European mobility project.  It is a follow-up of several older projects and foresees one Youth Exchange in Athens, Greece (23 April – 02 May 2023).  Its methodology is based on the use and study of classical ancient drama as a tool for identification of problems and discovering…

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ArtCom – Using Art Therapy to support local youngsters

Art is one word. How come we have grouped so many different “things” under this umbrella term? How can Naomi Wanjiku (Kenya), Henry Tayali (Zambia) and Alekos Fassianos (Greece) considered to be serving the same area of human activity? And how come, while beauty can be in the eye of the beholder, we can identify emotions, ideas and events…

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