Outcast Europe collection day at Shedia Home in Athens (22 March 2023) and Thessaloniki (5 April 2023)

Outcast Europe, in an attempt to explore and discuss the topics of movement and displacement in a wider context, directly involving the people who experience them and incorporating homelessness in the dialogue, co-organised two collection days with Shedia Home, one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki. We met at Shedia’s café in Psiri and at their office in the centre of Thessaloniki, along with the vendors of the street magazine, who brought items that hold a symbolic and/ or emotional significance for them and their personal story of movement.

Through the 13 items that were collected, the 11 vendors we spoke with narrated stories about their past professions, their hobbies, the moments that have impacted their lives and relationships that matter, from the former or recent past and present. A family photo and a typographic ruler pointing to past professions, a Spooky Tooth record, part of a wider vinyl collection telling a personal history through sound, a wooden sparrow inspiring hope and motivation to keep going, jewellry and good luck charms, religious icons and wooden prayers holding memories of people who loved and were loved, all comprised the objects brought forth for the collection day titled “My amulet”.

Navigate through the items and their stories in this digital thematic exhibition.

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