Advocacy for Youth Employment – Call for participants in the Local Working Group


Youth unemployment has been challenging youth, families and communities across Europe for the past decade. As the impact of the covid-19 pandemic unravels, the spike is higher than it was just before the 2009 market crash, especially in the European South. At the same time, precarious labour is expected to dominate employment relations of youth and shape a new setting based on insecurity and fragmented workers’ rights.

In the framework of our pilot “Advocacy for Youth Employment” project, we call for the formation of a local working group (LWG) to research legislation and policy gaps in order to design and implement a European-level campaign. The campaign will organise youth against the reasons and effects of unemployment and precariousness. The LWG will collectively attend in-person and online capacity-building training sessions and collaborate with LWGs from Italy, Spain and North Macedonia.

Check out the steps and conditions for joining the team:

If interested to join, fill out the following form. Be sure to upload a short cv ( 7Mb max, filetypes: pdf,doc,docx)

For more information, you may contact Margaret Chomatianou.

  • All expenses connected to participation will be covered by the organisers
  • Participants will be supported for fundraising to support their work
  • Working language: English
  • The working group will work closely with the project manager of this project.

    Participation Form

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