FOODprint, APV 30-31 August 2022 & YE 24 October – 1 November 2022, Fuscaldo, Calabria, Italy

The project revolves around food and sustainability. It consists of:
a. Preparatory visit – APV (2 working days + 2 travel days). Dates: 29.08.2022 arrival – 01.09.2022 departure for 1 group leader (18+) and 1 young participant (18-25) that both should take part in the youth exchange afterwards.
b. Youth exchange (8 activity days + 1 travel day). Dates: 24.10.2022 arrival and first activity day – 01.11.2022 departure. Participants: 5 young people aged 18-25 and 1 group leader aged 18+.

The activities will take place in Fuscaldo (Calabria, Italy).

The project aims to involve young participants in activities related to their daily lives that help them better understand the issues of sustainability related to food production and consumption and their impact on the environment, the economy, the unemployment, the loss of traditions, cultural and biodiversity, etc. It is about making young people care about the problems in the world we live in, to become more responsible and involved, as well as to promote the adoption of more sustainable habits and practices in their everyday life.

For more information, read the info pack:

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