Online Youth Exchange “Volume Up ! – Make Equality Louder”, 20/2-13/3, Lyon, France

Lyon Nightlife by Pedro Szekely

This Youth Exchange comes from our wish to mix intercultural exchanges with the topic of facing inequality and vanishing gender stereotypes in young people’s minds.

We hope that youngsters from your organisations will be motivated to tackle these issues with us, confront our points of view and make this Youth Exchange the most fascinating we can as one more step for building a more step for building a more equal and fair society where everyone has a voice!

Main themes of the Exchange:
-Gender equality
-Active citizenship and participation
-Media and freedom of expression

Starting on 20/2, we will meet for 3 weekends and a Saturday, for a total of 7 days (20-21/2, 27-28/2, 6-7/3 & 13-3).

This Youth Exchange aims to create awareness about inequality in general, and gender-based inequality, in particular. It would be an opportunity for youngsters to share different experiences related to this topic both, at individual and national level. Through active participation of youngsters in different workshop about media, freedom of expression, gender equality and discrimination, and the intervention of inspiring.

Information: ( Dates mentioned have changed due to shifting the project online. Methodology and content are essentially the same)


-Applications for this project are closed. Please check for active calls on