Inter Alia’s first and very own Roots Winter School provides a space for encounter, mutual learning, experimentation and inspiration. It offers a critical, interdisciplinary learning programme consisting of lectures, workshops, discussions and public events delving into questions, tensions and challenges regarding political, feminist, and LGBTQI+ resistance-building and fight for justice.

The programme focuses on the European periphery as a space of analysis, including Eastern and Southern Europe, along with the Balkans. Of course, this space exists only in relation to a core, which we consider the place of power, dominance, and prestige to which the periphery is subordinated. This dependency is vital for the core in the re-creation of its economic and political hegemony through resource transfer.

Throughout the program we will explore together the following two main thematic areas

  • Gender in the Periphery recentred

How can narratives of heteronormative nationalism be countered, since gender policies, as well as sexual and reproductive rights, are under severe attack in the European periphery?

  • Communities in the Periphery recentred

How can local and global communities  be better protected, in a context of their decreased power across the European periphery?

What you will achieve from joining the Winter School:

  1. Gain awareness of the context in which the European periphery is collocated in this very historic time of shrinking democratic participation; 
  2. Critically reflect on the socio-political conditions of a space that is usually neglected by decision-making dynamics, and participate in the creation of new solutions to empower the European periphery;
  3. Grow from a space of learning, experimentation and mutual exchange.

Would you like to take part in the Winter School? Here are the requirements:

  • You are over 18 years old.
  • You have proficiency in English.
  • You are available in December 2022 to be in Athens for the entire duration of the programme  (8th to 11th).
  • You have proven experience in activism, civic engagement or youth work, or you have a deep professional interest in the central topics of the Winter School.
  • You are ready to engage fully in the activities of the School and contribute to its success and impact.

Participation in the Winter School (including all activities on offer) is 30€ per person for selected applicants. The fee is set in order to ensure accessibility to our training programmes and activities for all in the long term. 

We are particularly looking forward to receiving applications from individuals belonging to ethnic minorities, people of colour or those identifying as LGBTQI+, as well as from people with different abilities and who identify as belonging to disadvantaged economic classes. If you don’t identify as a member of these groups, don’t shy away from applying – also, if you know of an awesome person who does identify in one of the ways described above, encourage them to apply as well!

What we offer

Accommodation during the program will be fully covered by Inter Alia. Concerning travel, we offer a limited number of partial or fully-funded scholarships. Waivers on the participation fee based on the participant’s socio-economic situation are also available.

For more information regarding the Winter School or the application process, you may contact Boróka Bálint, Roots Winter School Coordinator.

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