TC Children And their Rights in Europe, 18-24/4/2022, Lyon, France

Human Rights are for all, nevertheless, children are more vulnerable and their rights are frequently violated with impunity as a consequence of their defenselessness. To enforce the respect of children’s rights, they need our support, as adults, and our involvement to answer their specific needs. The Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted in 1989 aims to ensure that children’s rights are respected. However, children are not seen as equals to adults, in several countries and contexts, their word is still insufficiently valued and listened to, hence their rights are often flouted.

We organize the CARE training course (Children And their Rights in Europe), to promote children’s rights; we aspire to create a common framework to guide the action of international organizations in matters of the promotion of Children’s Rights. We expect to achieve better access to rights and, thus, a more equal society at the European and international levels.


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