TC Culture Garden – Youth Leadership for Collaboration, 4-12 May 2022, Moffat, Scotland, United Kingdom

“Culture Garden – Youth Leadership for Collaboration” is a new 7-day residential training course for youth workers, social workers and educators.

The programme provides essential tools and practices, as well as opportunities for individual and group self-reflection, which empower young people to successfully connect, create and collaborate in their school, employment, and community contexts. The program engages with leadership, not as a quality held by one person or by a select few, but as a whole-group phenomenon. The governance practices a group uses; the ways that conflict, feedback, and communication are navigated; a group’s relationship to creativity and self-expression; its economic paradigms, and more, inform what kind of leadership it potentiates and responds to.

In the programme, participants are given experiential opportunities to learn and build confidence using the “cultural tools” that enable true connection, creativity and collaboration, while learning new ways to support youth to awaken to their own potential, curiosity, and inner motivation.

In this Culture Garden training course, we will combine these main elements:
* Critical analysis of the phenomenon of group culture and an overview of the frameworks, tools, and practices that support collaboration;
* Individual and whole-group experiential learning & practice;
* Creative/expressive and embodied activities to cultivate self-reflection, self-awareness and resilience

In order to:
* Empower young people to become more active participants in their local governments, economies, and communities, and to shape their local cultures towards a more collaborative ethos;
* Equip young people with the core skills and frameworks to succeed in the volatile and emergent conditions that are becoming the norm worldwide;
* Cultivate personal & group resilience in the face of change and uncertainty