YOUTH GOING LIVE – Call for participants for Local Working Group (LWG)

Inter Alia is looking for 6 participants to explore and exchange tacit knowledge and practices that connect performing arts, heritage and culture with youth work in different communities in Europe and Africa.

The main goal is to bring together art educators and youth workers with demonstrated experience in art-based learning to participate in a series of local and international activities in Greece, Bulgaria, Togo, Senegal, Poland and Nigeria.

The project   

The future of Europe in a growingly multi-polar world will be judged by its capacity to incorporate diversity. The project seeks to foster co-development by enhancing the capacity of Youth organisations and youth workers to deal with contemporary challenges by utilising the inputs of their African peers on different levels and vice versa.

YOUGO aims to create a framework in which the participants get acquainted with the historic and cultural fabrics of each region and co-create together with the vibrant communities surrounding each Art Residency.

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Call for Local Working Group

The project foresees the creation of a local working group. The participants will have an active role in the design and implementation of each activity and will have the opportunity to participate in at least one of the six (6) Art-Residencies to be held in Greece, Bulgaria, Togo, Senegal, Poland and Nigeria respectively. The LWG will meet regularly (twice per month) within the local setting and will be entitled to participate in at least one of the foreseen International Activities: (1) training course, Ziguinchore, Senegal (Dec 2021), Six (6) Art-Residencies (Apr-Jul 2022), one (1) contact making seminar (Athens, Autumn 2022).

Inter Alia is looking for 6 experienced youth workers, performing artists (dancers, actors, musicians and singers, street performers etc) and art educators in the field of Youth to form the Greek LWG.

All candidates must fill in a detailed questionnaire demonstrating their professional motivation and learning needs. The preferable educational background will be in education, humanities and social sciences. However, this will not be an exclusive criterion, as motivation for participation and understanding the needs at local level are considered decisive factors.

Priority will be given to individuals with fewer opportunities or with challenging backgrounds.

Residencies in participating countries

Art residencies will involve youth professionals with specialisation in arts, namely arts-oriented, research oriented and entrepreneurship oriented. The participants will have the chance to travel and work within the context of YOUGO! project in the:

  • Training Course in Senegal for youth workers, art educators and project managers interested in broadening their skillsets through performing arts;
  • Six (6) Art Residencies across partner countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Togo, Senegal, Poland and Nigeria) aiming at exploring and building upon traditional culture for creating performances at local level.

Presentation of our work

The materials created during the Art Residencies and throughout the project will be presented at the Contact Making Seminar, the large-scale Youth event and any other promotional activities of the project. The exact dates will be announced in due time.

At the end of the Art Residencies, the materials will be digitised by Inter Alia and will be made available on the project’s website and other communication channels (i.e social media accounts). The digital copies of any produced materials will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license, allowing their reuse and remix for any purpose under the terms and conditions of the license.

Terms and conditions can be found here:

Other information

  • Participation in the project’s activities is free of charge
  • Working language: English
  • Requirements: The working group will work closely with the project manager of this project.
  • Certificates: Participants will receive a certificate upon the completion of each activity

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    Participation Form

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