FABLE Sustainable Fashion and Youth Inclusion Initiative

๐Ÿ“ข Join the Online Sustainable Fashion and Youth Inclusion Initiative of FABLE! ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ‘— Are you committed to creating a creative sector that not only embraces sustainability in clothing production and consumption but also promotes social justice and empowers the youth? We invite you to be part of this inspiring and transformative project! At our online platform, we are bringing…

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Super FEM | Call for Participants and Artists

Apply to be part of the working group and the crew of artists Are you a young woman (self-identified as such and only) willing to share your personal story for raising awareness on collective struggles?  Are you an artist residing in Athens, inspired by gender-related struggles and social justice? This call might be of interest to you! Focusing on…

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Roots Winter School 2023: Unseen Wounds – Uncovering the Layers of Violence | Call for Applications

November 30 – December 3, 2023 – Athens About Roots Winter School Held annually in Athens, Roots Winter School (RWS) is a three-day progressive learning program designed to cultivate hope, widen horizons, and catalyze action. RWS aims to push the boundaries of participantsโ€™ thinking, abilities, and imagination in order to foster a global society committed to the well-being of…

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PDSFF24 | Love & Revolt, 7 – 10 March 2024, Athens (main event), special screenings in 10 cities around the world in 2024 PDSFF24 is a trans-local cinematographic space of creation and resistance. We collectively negate the existing order that disconnects and confines film-makers, communities and struggles. We claim a new space where we can be together in all…

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Transcribing memories of fleeing and displacement Borders are symbols of imposition over space and time; and everything lying in between. In a sense, they determine what is possible, what can be desired, and thus shape individuals and communities. The drawing and consolidation of borders, tangible or discursive, implies intrinsic divisions that inflict tension and conflict. It…

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