I vote for myself!

I vote for myself | Redefining a common path to 2024 EU elections EU elections are approaching! Next June, all European citizens will vote and choose 705 Members of the European Parliament that will represent EU citizens in the European Union for the next five years.  Are we prepared to vote? Is there an alternative way to get ready…

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Super FEM – Foster, Empower, Mobilise

Project Duration January 2023 – December 2024 Summary “Super FEM” is a 24 months project that promotes equal treatment of all genders by exploring innovative and intersectional learning approaches to achieve personal and collective empowerment, skills development and social integration of the beneficiaries. Target Groups Primary: Young femininities carrying intersecting identities that undermine their representation, visibility and free expression…

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ECHO Academies

“ECHO Academies ” is an arts project that aims to foster young and emerging European talents in the fields of comics, fashion design, music, photography and architecture by using heritage as a means and inspiration for their work. Given the experience of “ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Onstage”, “ECHO II: Traditions in Transition”, and ECHO III: For Memory’s Sake the…

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Summary: Believing in citizens’ active participation in the European framework, in advocating for better EU policies, in decentralised decision making and real inclusion of Civil Society Organisations in policy making processes, we want to raise awareness on: How? On our website (News & Articles) and in our Newsletter there will be a special category – bulletin with an overview…

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Filming at Intersections – FILMINTS

 From invisible to the Camera Lens The FILMINTS (Filming at Intersections) project aims to provide high-quality educational programmes as a vehicle for social inclusion through the art of cinema. Project Duration September 2022 – August 2023 Summary The FILMINTS project promotes equal opportunities and access of marginalised groups to policy and public life by equipping adult learners with knowledge…

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ECHO III – For Memory’s Sake

How does the new generation understand the concept of marriage?  What does it mean to be bound together for life with someone you met once? Are there any remains of the traditions of our ancestors in how we choose partners? Where were women positioned in such a context? Is marriage just an economic proposition, just a prospect of prosperity,…

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FABLE – Innovative practices for youth workers to support young people using sustainable fashion as a way to create inclusive spaces Project duration: 28 February 2022 – 27 February 2024  Target Groups:  Summary:  The FABLE project aims to increase quality and recognition of youth work by developing innovative approaches to be used with young people to build new spaces…

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Inclusive Memory

About the project The Inclusive Memory project aims at promoting the building of a common shared social memory realised through a museum based social inclusive system, through the link Art-Health-Wellbeing. The core idea of the project stems from the potential benefits of the cooperation between HEIs, Health and Social care Institutions and Museums, as a strategic partnership to advance…

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