Bridging the Gap


March 2016 – July 2017

The European and African youth organisations will use their knowledge and experience to build a non-formal training module on youth work, based on the number of issues raised by all involved youth organisations, including the needs of African youth workers.

This project will include 4 organisations from Europe, Malta, Greece, Romania and Ireland and 2 organisations from Africa, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The project includes the following Capacity Building activities and mobilities:
– Transnational meetings;
– Research and compilation of an informal training module;
– Mobility of youth workers in Zimbabwe – a nine day activity including training, workshops, job simulation and sharing of best practices;
– Mobility of youth workers in European countries where different youth workers will have an observation period and job shadowing experience in different organisations according to their needs;
– Publication of a training handbook on youth work; and
– Awareness raising on the importance of youth work.

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