From the Sea to the City

From the Sea to the City aims to join forces to reimagine the European stance on migration with cities and human rights at the center. With this vision we want to send a strong signal to the European institutions that we want to pursue a welcoming and human-rights based migration and refugee policy.

The History in brief

FS2C built on a series of encounters between sea-rescue actors, civic organisations, and local administrations who came together in Palermo in 2018 following the mayor of Palermo Charter to the rights of mobility in Europe. The scope was to bridge the actions of solidarity towards migrants, between progressive municipalities and civic organisations. Out of the three years and through the efforts of CSOs, in June 2021, 32 municipalities created the International Alliance of Safe Harbours (IASH). Representatives of cities signed a joint statement with a view to a more inclusive and sustainable European migration policy based on the principle of subsidiarity and human rights.

Basic demands

Various civil society organisations, think tanks and representatives of municipalities from different EU countries participate in the European partnership project FSC  with the aim to:

  • Take coordinated action to strengthen and promote existing and new initiatives between cities and civil society organisations on European migration policy
  • Ensure protection of migrants’ and refugees’ lives and needs in the Covid-19 crisis
  • Ensure active roles of cities and civil society organisations in the management of EU-funds
  • Create safe arrivals and legal corridors to Europe
  • Ensure access to fundamental rights and dignity to migrants and refugees arriving to European cities from the rights to seek asylum, access to the social and healthcare system, to adequate housing to decent working conditions. 

Partner organisations