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About the initiative

GLAM Hack is a series of events on the creative reuses of digital cultural heritage, hosted by Inter Alia. Through Workshops, Hack-a-thons, Exhibitions, Breakfast Lectures, Movie Nights, and other custom-made events, GLAM Hack encourages people to participate actively in the (trans)formation of cultural heritage.

GLAM is an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, and it is used to describe the cultural heritage sector as a whole. GLAMs are collecting, preserving, researching and exhibiting cultural heritage materials — and currently, they are gradually digitising their collections in order to provide open access to culture and knowledge to all. Open access provides us with free and perpetual permission to modify this digitised content and to create our own new cultural works. In other words, it gives us the ability to ‘hack’ GLAMs!

Aims and Objectives

GLAM Hack main mission is:

  • To promote open access to culture, and
  • To contribute to the democratization of knowledge through the research, educational & creative possibilities offered by open access.

After all, it is culture & knowledge that make us who we are. They are a constitutive element of our being, and not luxurious services to be enjoyed by the privileged ones during leisure time.

GLAM Hack aims to:

  • Help the public become acquainted with the digital platforms of cultural heritage, as well as with the creative possibilities they offer;
  • Contribute to the expression of creativity through the reuse of open digital cultural content;
  • Help internet users cultivate and improve their skills in order to participate actively in the (trans)formation of cultural heritage.

Target Groups

GLAM Hack is for creators (researchers, artists, bloggers etc.), educators, GLAM professionals, as well as for internet users who love culture and are interested in digital commons.


December 2018 – present


So far, GLAM Hack is a self-funded initiative.

More info

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