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Former President of the European Commission Romano Prodi once said: “Europe’s only true competitive advantage is our past mistakes”. In Retrospect sets off from this idea, that the EU constitutes an ongoing process rather than a completed edifice and aims to utilize the learnings derived from past mistakes and experiences in order to promote unity and integrated progress. Through collective remembrance and dialogue on EU’s involvement in the Yugoslav wars, the project will enquire: a. The impact of incoherence between EU’s value system and member states’ national priorities and b. The role of national media in setting the agenda and leading the public opinion in major EU foreign policy decisions. EU values will be explored anew while their effective application will be promoted in both candidate and EU counties.

“In Retrospect” involves partner organisations from 4 EU and 3 former Yugoslav countries, namely, Inter Alia (Athens), Vojvodina Civic Center (Novi Sad, Serbia), Udruzenje Omladinski Centar Kosmoskljuc (Kljuc, Bosnia & Herzegovina), Bildungsstätte Anne Frank (Frankfurt, Germany), Institut za raziskovanje in usposabljanje v vzgoji in izobraze (Trbovlje, Slovenia), European Peer Training Organisation (Brussels, Belgium), Jugend- Und Kulturprojekt E.V. (Dresden, Germany), Youth Alliance Krusevo (Krusevo, North Macedonia).

The project will involve an overall of 1200 people in a series of activities including capacity building, newspaper archive creation, field research, documentary production, local and international dissemination events.

In Retrospect was funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the EC.

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