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The recent past of Europe is scattered with circumstances that made people seek for a better life elsewhere, escape from the things they could tolerate no more, search for safe refuge. People on the move, give up on lives and belongings, risk and manage to reach a safe place, are outcasts. In their journey, not everything is left behind. Many times, people manage to take with them things that are necessary, important, sacred, familial, personal. The objects that travel carry history, culture, values, memories. They are a source of power for those that carry them; they are protective, they contain ancestral force or wisdom, they carry the blessing of the community, they are magical, they connect the past with the future in the present. Outcast Europe collects and exhibits these objects. The objects speak, tell stories, the stories of humankind. We have a chance to listen and speak with them about our common future.

Explore the stories of migrants and refugees

The Outcast Europe website collects and exhibits stories of migrants and refugees through the objects that they managed to get with them before or during fleeing. The objects narrate these stories, and we invite you to listen to them and learn through:

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If you want to learn more about Outcast Europe, you can contact Nikos Papakostas (papakostas@interaliaproject.com).

The Outcast Europe website was redesigned, redeveloped and enriched in the context of the digital culture project (Re)Collecting Outcast Europe which was co-funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.