European Cultural Heritage Onstage

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ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Onstage was a European creative project, implemented in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. It invited artists from the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, videography and photography to create original artworks, after exploring the Dark Cultural Heritage of the Balkans. Read More European Cultural Heritage Onstage

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The Citizens Are United

September 2018 – December 2019 The Citizens Are United aimed to engage EU citizens on the stigmatisation of migrants with a view to encourage civic participation, promote tolerance and understanding. TCAU was a follow up to 2016’s project – “The Citizens are Speaking”, where the issue of stigma was first raised by the Third Country Nationals themselves during implementation….

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Outcast Europe

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Outcast Europe invites introspection about memory and heritage connected to migration or displacement; it detaches these stories from national narratives and emphasises on the micro-level as an alternative way of understanding the past. Read More Outcast Europe

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STEP Forward

About the Project STEP Forward (Sustainable and Transformative Education for Participation in Democratic Life) linked active citizenship to formal education by drawing attention to the values of sustainability (environmental, protection, self-sufficiency, social justice) and integrating them to non-formal education activities. Aims and Objectives STEP Forward aimed at promoting the application of active and participatory education through experiential activities and…

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In Retrospect

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“In Retrospect” was a project that aimed to foster collective reflection and remembrance on the role of media in driving public opinion and shaping the process of decision making in critical instances of EU history. Read More In Retrospect

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