Restorative Circles for Citizens in Europe


August 2016 – January 2018

There is a wide breadth of attitudes towards the European Union across its member states, from strong Euro-phobia at one extreme to a strong support for the European Union at the other end of the spectrum. Although diversity should be supported and celebrated, the polarisation of attitudes towards the EU inhibits dialogue, hindering the possibility of finding common ground.

The Restorative Circles for Citizens in Europe is a unique, innovative, and collaborative project that aims to create true dialogue among EU citizens holding different views on the topic of euro-skepticism, linked directly to specific EU measures. Our professional international team will use the restorative approach to launch a series of talking Circles in 13 cities across five countries in Europe. The selected organisations represent countries from different regions with different characteristic responses to the current migration crisis. Different views are contained, accepted and appreciated in such communities, and form the foundation of constructive collaboration among members, leading to a sense of community and united strategic planning.

The 78 weekend Circles will consist of 6-weekend-long processes. Facilitators will start with two groups holding opposing views, prepare participants in both groups and finally mix them in one Circle to engage in an open, respectful dialogue. Our project thus surpasses the objectives of the program by adding an element of conflict resolution and applying the framework of high intensity identity-based community conflict.

The 26 facilitators will be trained together in the Restorative Circle Process and will collaboratively design the Circle processes to include both the European dimension and the local characteristics of each country. The in person and online collaboration of the team will continue throughout the project: in the outreach and recruitment phase, during the Circle processes, where heated discussions may arise, and will lead to an International Conference where they will present their findings to professional audiences and the general public. Following the Conference they will produce publications in journals and online about their experiences, will present a newly designed methodology and will contribute to spreading the restorative culture throughout the continent.

You may find all information about the project, its activities and results in the dedicated website.

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