The Young Side of the Moon – Capacity Building for Youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia


02/10/2014 – 02/04/2016

“The Young Side of the Moon” is an 18-month capacity-building project that aims at promoting exchanges and cooperation in the field of youth between youth organizations engaged in community development from different World-contexts. 8 Organizations from 3 continents (Europe, Africa and Asia) and 8 countries (Italy, Senegal, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Latvia, Greece, and Cyprus) will focus on the effects of the global crisis on young people and its multi-dimensions.

Various needs of youth from around the world will be addressed through a creative approach experimented by PRISM, and based on the concept album of Pink Floyd “The Dark Side of the Moon”. Therefore, following the sequence of the songs in the album, the following topics will be addressed:
– Economic Crisis (Track: Money)
– Crisis of cultural references and values (Tracks: On the run / Breathe)
– Migrations and Inclusion (Track: Us and Them)
– Environment (Track: Eclipse).

The project includes different mobility activities for youth workers: a Training Course in Caltanissetta, Italy and four Job Shadowing activities hosted in the Partner Countries involved. The TC will provide a non-formal and creative training on the Project Cycle Management linked to the concept of Non-violent Community Development, equipping youth workers with knowledge, key competences and learning tools necessary for the development and delivery of community-based projects. The job shadowing activities will offer a reciprocal opportunity for practical learning experience, exchange of good practices, acquisition of key competences and building of long-term partnerships.

The overall goal is to engage youth workers to step up into leadership roles in their local and global communities as agents and multipliers for sustainable co-development and growth.

Specific objectives of the project:
– To enhance socio-professional development and competences in project management of youth workers to respond to identified community needs and global challenges affecting young people world-wide;
– To strengthen the international cooperation and the exchange of experiences on youth work and community development in different World countries;
– To deepen the knowledge of the current and expected future situation and needs of young people in different regions of the World.
– To strengthen the capacity of youth workers and organizations to contribute to civil society development.

– PRISM Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo, Italy (Caltanissetta)
– Volunteers for community development and environment education, Vietnam (Hanoi)
– New Beginnings Charitable Trust, India (Vijayawada)
– DOREA Educational Institute WTF, Cyprus (Limassol)
– Jaunatnes iniciativu centrs, Latvia (Kekava)
– INTER ALIA, Greece (Athens)
– Federation Dimbaya Kagnalen, Senegal (Ziguinchor)

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