Using Theatre to Make Politics

Theatre of the Oppressed is a collective rehearsal for reality. The main idea of this methodology is to make people experience and understand how a change of an attitude, behaviour or thinking pattern can have a powerful significant effect on their life as well as the lives of people around them. Theatre of the Oppressed methods are highly adaptable to the needs of different communities, with a large capacity to cover all kinds of the social issues: human rights problems, power abuse and oppression in different ways, lack of activism, discrimination, exclusion, poverty, marginalization, xenophobia, etc. and through a creative approach provides a space for people to reflect, find solutions to these topics and transfer the solutions in their lives.

This project is an answer to the high levels of civic and political apathy amongst young people and envisions an innovative way of bringing young people and authorities together. Partners involved in the project are coming from Greece, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Portugal and Romania. The main goal of the project is to increase the level of civic participation and involvement in various democratic and policy-making processes amongst young people.