CSI EU: Cultural Social Innovation Europe

About the project The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of lower skilled adults and young people by exacerbating the digital divide. Strategically, the pandemic has impacted career opportunities and mental health, accelerating the imperative need to provide adults and young people with “skills to improve and adapt” in a rapidly changing environment. To meet these challenges will require…

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Future Narratives

Future Narratives uses storytelling as the key tool to activate the capacity to reflect on the past, the present and the future and to recognise different approaches to them and their interpretation, thus fostering the understanding of the power of culture, stories and visions in enabling a better future. Read More Future Narratives

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Outcast Europe

Outcast Europe collects and exhibits stories of migrants and refugees through the objects that they managed to get with them before or during fleeing. The objects narrate these stories, and we have the opportunity to listen to them and learn. Read More Outcast Europe

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Life beyond EU Funding

Youth organisations should not only be service providers but also agents of change. This will be primarily achieved through the efforts of the organisations themselves and their capacity to be resilient and faithful to their vision and mission. However, a more favourable environment, supportive of change and experimentation and, essentially, more forgiving to failure is also crucial.

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