Self-Imposed Immaturity 2.0? Engaging Global Minds in the Challenges of the Digital Age

Networking Manager Boyka Boneva in the CGP Alumni Workshop

Inter Alia Co-founder and Networking Manager Boyka Boneva participated in the 6th CGP Alumni Workshop, 26-31 August 2013, held in Gdansk, Poland, organized by the Center for Global Politics On this years’ topic “Self-imposed Immaturity 2.0? What Does the Digital Age Hold for Connected Citizens?” 27 CGP Alumni of the Master Programs , the Seasonal Schools and of the Graduate School for Global Politics tried to look deeper into the contemporary challenges posed by the Digital Technologies, and to identify both positive and negative outcomes. They discussed the ways and the actors that will be able and willing to defend modern citizenship successfully. Also, in a setting of rising options and decreasing commitments, the “Education in the Digital Age” was also put for discussion. The shifting role of the university as an education provider and the fluctuating nature of its “clients”, as well as the general influence of the market over education identified a mismatch between supply and demand, while also concluded that self- and life-long learning are current trends that gain momentum over time.

Among the 27 participants coming from all over the world Boyka identified new partners and contributors to Inter Alia and its activities.

The 6th CGP Alumni Workshop was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and supported by the CGP Alumni Association.

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