Social Project to Enterprise: Learning how to make a change, the British way!

22-30 January 2016, Watford, UK Youth Exchange

Georgios Michalis Papadopoulos It seems that London always has something hidden for you to explore. And what we discovered there, me and Leonidas, was something much more unexpected than we thought at start, which was the other, the hidden side of this multinational and historic city. Francis helped us learn about ourselves, form strong bonds with our teammates and new international friends from Czech Republic, Wales and England, and showed us the way of solving the problems of the society. We had the chance to listen to some wonderful and inspiring people who tried to make the change in their city; to care about those people who had problems which seemed unsolved before, to promote equality or to unify the whole society again. Plus, we did some martial arts on the side, which may seem irrelevant, but in fact the fundamentals of them can be proven quite useful when trying to inspire other people and to find out your inner strengths. In the end, we even managed to raise more than 150 euros as a team, for some local organizations there. And we did that easily because of how quickly the group united, which made our educational trip much more enjoyable too! All in all, it was one unique, helpful and mind changing experience!