Telling stories together for change | Future Narratives Training Course in Athens, 15-20 May 2022

In the second training course of the Future narratives, the aim was to empower young people through storytelling and future literacy on community level.

Participants developed key competencies on how to better frame and share their personal story. They used their body, their voice and their heart.

Participants were also asked to walk around the center of Athens. They took photos and videos from different parts of Athens with cultural, political, social and environmental value. In the afternoon, they put them together and created digital stories. They used video tools to construct a narrative that reflected their experience together.

At the end of the training course, participants were asked to think about the future and imagine themselves as members of a community.

The final open event was organized at the Goethe Institute of Athens. It was one of the highlights of the training course. Participants shared their video stories to the public. They happily came on stage and interacted afterwards with the public. 

Presentation by Stratis Vogiatzis (the Caravan Project)
Final dinner at Shedia home.

That was a short photo journal of what happened during the training course!

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