AENEAS – Against Exclusion NEw trAining Skill – Training Course in Palermo, Italy

Reflections by Ilektra Nikaki, Ilaeira Korda, Antonis Bekiaris and Evangelos Athanasiadis

Flight delays and overall obstacles encountered on the journey did not stop us from succeeding and reaching Palermo.

Despite the heat and humidity during this summer season, the city was beautiful, full of life and surprises at every corner. What stood out to us is the architecture and its multicultural composition, especially in our neighborhood, the outdoor market of Ballaro. There, we were accommodated in the monastery associated with the Chiesa del Carmine Maggiore church.

Our stay there made us feel part of the historic city center as the architecture of the courtyard was taken from the past.

In this courtyard our program was held every day, as well as the final performance.

The specific Erasmus+ program concerned the theme of social exclusion which we negotiated through Virgil’s Aeneid. This myth concerns the transition, the journey, the wanderings of Aeneas, the first refugee, who, leaving Troy, manages to build Rome. We approached the myth through dance and theater.

The program included participants from Greece, Slovakia, Romania, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal and Latvia. We all worked together and improvised to create the final performance.

We consider it important that we exchanged thoughts, saw our commonalities and differences with people from other countries, without this being an obstacle for our cooperation.

The final performance proved to us how a diverse team can indeed work together on good terms and produce a unique result.

Many thanks to Inter Alia and the organizers from Palermo for giving us the opportunity to have this experience.