Children and their rights in Europe – Training Course in Lyon, France

Reflections by Dimitra Ouggrini

Reflecting on my participation in the training course “CARE”, I feel very grateful and pleased with the amount of knowledge and skills I gained, regarding the Children Human Rights in youth work. It also enhanced my communication and cooperation skills especially with other youth workers in a team. It was a confidence boost and made me move a little bit out of my comfort zone.  

I enjoyed taking part in sharing information about Alternative Care in different countries around Europe. I was also introduced to very significant information about Children’s Human Rights during the lectures. I believe that there are quite a lot of opportunities regarding the use of non-formal education methods in youth work. They can provide more efficient communication, accessibility, reach, feedback and can be more appealing to young people in order to catch their interest. I plan to implement some of them in my profession and practice.   

The organizers and trainers did a wonderful job in this course and I look forward to participating in a similar program in the near future.