Youth workers using theatre against radicalisation – Training Course in Palermo, Italy

Reflections by Alexandra Drakoulaki, Sophia Rossiou  and Efremia – Georgia Konstantinou

“The most impressive thing of all was that, within only 5 days, 30 persons from different European countries managed to communicate, cooperate, and create a dance-theatrical performance which was also performed in front of the locals of Palermo. This is a unique feature of Erasmus+ programs: that people are brought together, connected with strong bonds, and united for a common purpose.” – Alexandra

“Undoubtedly it was an unforgettable experience full of new meetings and emotions that in the end left us with a sweet and savory taste. Through this program we discovered new parts of ourselves and our personalities and we became more open to cultural diversity. The linguistic and ideological barriers got shot down in the name of art and creation. Stress, agony, and insecurities got replaced by laughter, friendships, and excitement for everything new. Eventually, all the above contributed to the creation of a theatrical play that aimed to spread the message of love and compassion.” – Sofia

“The whole experience of the Training Course was simply unforgettable. It was a project implemented by 30 participants from 5 different European countries through which we made new friends and also discovered other aspects of ourselves that we didn’t know before. We had the opportunity to analyze “Antigone”, a Greek play that has transferred many social messages till today, and perform it in a different, unique way. Moreover, we got in touch with new theatrical techniques and got the opportunity to express ourselves through dance. The most valuable outcomes of the Training Course, for me, were the cooperation between us and our involvement in the transfer of social messages through the play we performed.” – Efremia