The EU in your Eyes

Public Opinion Survey on Popular Perceptions of the EU, its Contemporary Role, and the EP Elections

Data Analyst and Author: Eleni Kalatzi

Project Manager: Nikos Papakostas

The following report is part of the project “Election in Coming… To vote or not to vote?” that was inspired by Inter Alia and has been ongoing since May 2013. It is a presentation of the responses to a public opinion survey titled “The EU in your Eyes”. The survey was answered by approximately 470 respondents mostly of European origin. In a period close to the European elections this report is considered particularly relevant as it attempts to highlight: a. how people see the EU, b. how they feel about being part of it; c. how important is to participate in the EU processes and d. in which ways this could be done. Inter Alia team did not conduct this research as an end in itself but mostly in order to use it as a thought provoking context for debates and events that were carried out later on. For that reason, the methodology used was rather loose.