The Young Side of the Moon Training Course: Project Cycle Management

Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Capacity Building for Youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia

Training Course: Project Cycle Management
20 – 28 February 2015, Caltanissetta, Italy

PCM training course in Caltanissetta was an awesome experience.
First of all, the course was based on a brilliant idea, taking Pink Floyd’s tracks from the album “Dark Side Of The Moon” and analyzing the steps of Project Management Cycle. It became clear and understandable in a unique way, always having in mind and sometimes listening to the famous songs. This course taught me how to deconstruct a problem and step by step analyze it until I reach the desired outcome.
Secondly, the diversity of the group was definitely a significant advantage. Getting in touch with people not only from Europe but from Vietnam, Kenya and Senegal was very educational and curious and amazing. We exchanged ideas and thoughts and problems and challenges we may face and I think it evolved me personally.  
Overall, it was an amazing experience and very intense because on one hand we learnt things from the course and on the other hand we learnt things by just talking and interacting with each other.

I had amazing time too and would like to thank you very very much for this possibility and experience to take a part in this training course.

Project Cycle Management: It was nothing to me but a vague idea in some business school terminology. Now I know the context, I believe I can put my project thoughts into words in a better way and I will surely try to. But this is the least of it. I am back home full of energy. We got new friends, future partners, valuable experience and of course a taste of Sicily. Where can I start from? The all-around player Fausto Amico? The Antichi Ricordi people? The inspiring participants? The picturesque city of Caltanissetta? Surely this is just the beginning. Job shadowing in India, Kenya, Senegal and Vietnam will follow. This is “The Young Side of the Moon”.

Project Management has always sounded boring to me. Becoming a project manager myself – throws me straight to the bunch of dull people who go to work every day and speak of work even after working hours… Well, all is true, without the “boring” part  And the Training on Project Cycle Management as part of the “Young Side of the Moon” Capacity Building Youth project was a step in that direction.
Apart from the quality of the learning sessions and the flawlessness of the organization, I’ll keep forever the opportunity to meet, talk and understand better the “local migrants”. Caltanissetta is the new home of many Asian and African refugees, and Fausto managed to integrate them into the programme in an unforgettable way. After this experience, I feel so much richer and stronger to go on!  

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