Visions and Wishes for Europe: Shaping the Future of Europe

Simulation Game 13-16 February 2014 in Skopje

Following the kind invitation from the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), Inter Alia was represented at a simulation game concerning the decision making process of the European Union on enlargement and more specifically the potential Balkan integration. The simulation was co-organised by the Centre of European Studies and CIVIC (Institut fur Internationale Bildung) and of course, KAS.

After a relaxed trip through the Balkan countryside the Greek mission arrived at the venue where the simulation would take place. As soon as all the representatives from Greece, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Montenegro acquainted with each other and the surroundings, a brief introduction by the simulation moderators familiarised everyone (around 50 participants) with the concept.

The roles to be assumed would constitute random representatives from the Balkan potential candidate countries, the Council of the European Union, the European Commission, the European Parliament and members of the media. It was strongly advised not to undertake roles stemming from the actual country of origin of the participants for the sake of fair play.

Shortly after the random casting each institutional body retreated to its virtual HQ. Following a rather compressed but realistic process the institutional bodies received the applications of the candidate states and the assessment followed based on relentless interviews. As soon as the Council of The European Union received the evaluations of the Commission and the Parliament which were not in absolute agreement, the Council also accepted all the applications and rendered all the Balkan states candidates. However in due course Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo have been rejected on the grounds of various pragmatic reasons. Nevertheless those countries have been advised to maintain the current dynamics and to continue the efforts of meeting the Copenhagen Criteria.

The simulation ended with the ceremonious acceptance of Montenegro and Macedonia into the European Union. This result, according to Inter Alia, comes to show that when young and brilliant minds take action conventional wisdom and narrow-minded views can be surpassed in the name of constructive cooperation and friendship.

For Inter Alia

Dr Nicholas Rossis