Women’s rights in Greece and Turkey

Short-term EVS, KA1, Erasmus+

On 27 April our short-term volunteers from Turkey, Merve and Meltem, presented the results of their volunteering experience in Athens by comparing women rights in Greek and Turkish societies. Departing from a historical itinerary of women rights struggle from the very beginning of Modernity, they reflected and invited us to reflect and discuss with them not only on the current status of women rights movement in Greece and Turkey, but also on future perspectives for gender agenda in both countries.Although acknowledging all the social achievements on the matter in both Greece and Turkey, they explained several discriminatory situations that women are still facing in modern times. Then, they invited the audience to debate about the limits of the legal approach when it comes to improve gender agenda and how the existence of a law, sometimes, is simply not enough.Salary discrimination, sexual harassment and domestic violence are still serious issues, and what is more, other rooted practices perceived as less serious, like how we divide housework or the raising of the children between men and women also contribute to inequality among genders. Formal legal achievements are not only necessary but desirable, and for sure can contribute to a decreasing degree of inequality, but we also need to focus on the everyday practices for a long-term impact and a deep social change regarding gender issue.


A Step from my Village to Europe


Our Short-term EVS Experience

Thanks to EVS we experienced our first time abroad. It benefited us in many ways. Although we were here for only 1 month, we learned a lot. We adapted into the culture of a new country and we met new people. We could see the differences between our and the Greek culture. We had the opportunity to see the Greek cultural richness. This experience was the beginning for us, contributed to our social development and confidence. We also improved our English. Inter Alia involved us in projects to support our development, especially in English. We learned a lot of new things while working at the office. We talked about issues related to religion, language, democracy and human rights. During the last week of our EVS, we organized an event about Turkish-Greek cultural similarities. Turkish, Greeks and other volunteers living in Athens participated in the event. We watched together short films in Turkish chosen to address issues of democracy, society and social values. These are important issues addressed through the work of Inter Alia. Together we discussed about democracy, unemployment and politics in Turkey and Greece. Thank you so much for everything!

Meltem & Hande