Youth Pool Toolkit 2021

Youth Pool is bringing young people together for positive change, combining digital interconnection and local action.

“Youth Pool” is a global youth initiative launched by Inter Alia with the support of our network “A Partnership for Youth”.

It is a tool for youth empowerment that applies hybrid youth work (digital and physical) without geographic and socioeconomic limitations.

In 2021, in a period of 8 months, the Youth Pool participants explored the challenges in their community, met people from all over the world, shared knowledge and experiences, collaborated with the local community and implemented local interventions to advocate for youth rights and change. Young people are going to connect with other young people, engage with their local communities and get empowered to envision and work for a desired change.

The Youth Pool toolkit 2021 is now available [EN, GR]. It includes the Youth Pool methodology, guidelines and tools for young people interested to advocate and make a change in their community. The toolkit is also available in Greek.

For additional information, contact Amerissa Giannouli.