Online Workshop on Socio-ecological Transformation

This interactive workshop invites participants to explore together the connections between our socio-economic and ecological systems and to question dominant worldviews on sustainability and well-being. It is expected to make participants reflect on their personal decisions and actions, as well as discover conflicts within green policies and related political debates. The workshop intends to help us decolonize our imaginations and move beyond the imperative of growth as a means to have a good life. 

– Think critically about the socio-economic and ecological systems
– Question dominant sustainability policies
– Adopt a pluriversal understanding of sustainability and well-being

Programme, 27 April 2022, 4-7 CET
– What is the economy? Critics to GDP as a well-being indicator
– The socio-ecological effects of the mainstream economic system
– My ecological footprint / Break for 15 mins
– Is Green Growth possible?
– Environmentalism and Pluriversal alternatives

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Facilitator: Amerissa Giannouli, Youth Worker and Project Manager at Inter Alia, Master student on Degrowth: Ecology, Economy and Policy at ICTA-UAB

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