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Inter Alia is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization willing to establish (project) partnerships with other organizations that feature similar views, aims and goals, mission and vision or are motivated to work on the subject of Europe.

Inter Alia’s European Network in the Field of Youth

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Inter Alia’s partners in the field of Political Engagement

Civic Initiatives
Belgrade, Serbia
Youth Alliance Krusevo
Krusevo, North Macedonia
Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Promozione Internationale Sicilia-Mondo (PRISM)
Enna, Italy
Romanian Youth Movement for Democracy (RYMD)
Bacau, Romania
Udruzenje Omladinski Centar Kosmos
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bildungsstätte Anne Frank
Frankfurt, Germany
Institut za raziskovanje in usposabljanje v vzgoji in izobraze
Trbovllje, Slovenia
European Peer Training Organisation
Brussels, Belgium
Kreisau Initiative
Berlin, Germany
Organization for Aid to Refugees
Prague, Czech Republic
Circle Space Group (CSG)
Multinational in EU
Active in 9 cities across 5 countries (Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Greece and Italy
Sofia, Bulgaria
Vojvodina Civic Centre
Novi Sad, Serbia
Greek Forum of Migrants (GFM)
Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
European Alternatives (EA)
Berlin, Germany; Paris, France; London, UK; Palermo, Italy
European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA)
Strasbourg, France; Brussels, Belgium; Vicenza, Italy; Skopje, N. Macedonia; Chișinău, Moldova; Tunis, Tunisia
Athens, Greece
Citizens for Europe (CfE)
Berlin, Germany
Centrul Român de Politici Europene (CRPE)
Bucharest, Romania
National School for Political Studies and Administration (SNSPA)
Bucharest, Romania
Risk Monitor
Sofia, Bulgaria
Institute for European Politics
Berlin, Germany
Step Forward
Yerevan, Armenia
International Organisation for Migration in Budapest
Budapest, Hungary
University of the Peloponnese
Tripoli, Greece
Athens, Greece
Cross Culture International Foundation
Sfera International
Bitola, N. Macedonia
Sofia, Bulgaria/
Udruzenje Centar CZKD
Belgrade, Serbia
Ars For Progress Of People
Brussels, Belgium
Universita del Salento
Lecce, Italy
DEMOSTENE Centro Studi per la Promozione dello Sviluppo Umano
Latiano, Italy
Serbia on the Move
Belgrade, Serbia
Centrum Pomocy Prawnej Im.Haliny Nieć
Krakow, Poland
Diversity Development Group
Vilnius, Lithuania
SOS Racismo Arrazakeria
San Sabastian, Spain
Asylkoordination österreich
Vienna, Austria
Slovenska Filantropija
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Centro em Rede de Investigacao em Antropologia
Lisbon, Portugal
Fundacja Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej
Warsaw, Poland
Solidarity Now
Athens & Thessaloniki, Greece
From the Sea to the City
Brussels, Belgium
Moving Cities
Humboldt-Viadrina governance platform
Berline, Germany
The Good Lobby
Brussels, Belgium & Milan, Italy

Top 3 Reasons for Partnering with us:

  1. Broaden each other’s network & audience
    Enable your voice to be spread to a wider public, broadcast easier and mobilize people with a greater effectiveness & massiveness.
  2. Fill in the Social Space left uncovered by the EU politics and the economic potentials that go with it
    Fill in the social space left void by the European and local politics. Act and participate in social and political life by creative means. Jointly claim and utilize available funds offered for these purposes.
  3. Exchange experience and make our job easier
    Exchange practical expertise, and bureaucratic know-how on any aspect of NGO life.

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