TC Europe à Table (EAT) – Sustainable Food, 8-16 June 2022, Serre-Chevalier, France

The course will explore the concept of sustainability within the processes of production, purchase, consumption and disposal of food. The workshops proposed will focus on different methods, issues, challenges and solutions at local, national and international level.

The training course is an opportunity for the participants to share their experiences related to the topic. They will also discover other realities by visiting local NGOs active in welcoming the migrants in this region, close to the italian border, and meeting professionals in the surroundings of Serre-Chevalier. It will allow them to practise intercultural dialogue and develop critical thinking, but also, thanks to the peer-learning method and testimonies from professionals, to exchange ideas, points of views and elaborate personal and group reflection.

By the end of the project the participants will create a guide that will comprehend the best practices and the most relevant findings learned and developed during the project. This final product will serve as a useful tool for all the organisations that want to integrate new activities and methodologies, or improve their current ones, concerning the topics of food and sustainability within their work.


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