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“In Retrospect” Amateur Creators’ Documentary Movie

The documentary features memories and perceptions of citizens from EU countries and former Yugoslavia about the 1992-1999 wars and the dissolution of Yugoslavia. The film fosters problematisation on the role of media in the representation of the conflicts and invites collective reflection on the past and future of Europe.

The audiovisual material of “In Retrospect” was collected by a multinational team of 8 non-professional working groups from 7 ex-Yugoslav and EU countries with no or little experience on film-making. After 50 semi-structured interviews with citizens by each partner organisation using the snow-ball method, selected individuals were asked to offer their insights on-camera. An edited version of those interviews along with selected footage from the period of the conflicts make up a 60′ long documentary. 

You can watch the full “In Retrospect” documentary movie here:

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 IN RETROSPECT – Daily Newspaper Archive

The Yugoslav wars constitute one of the most regrettable instances in EU’s 60-year-long history. The failure to prevent the escalation of violence constitutes a formidable fact, full of learnings. “In Retrospect” focused on an often disregarded aspect of EU’s involvement: the stance of public opinion. We analysed citizens’ attitudes and looked into the role of the media as a force shaping public opinion and a non-negligible policy maker.

Based on guidelines set out by Inter Alia and skills acquired during a capacity building activity, participants created a press registry with news of national media from the eruption of the Yugoslav conflict. The registry researched, highlighted and filed media reports from three key events in Yugoslav wars of the 1990s – the Srebrenica genocide, the Dayton Agreement and the NATO military intervention in Serbia – for encapsulating the role of the media in shaping public opinion and, thus, interpreting citizens’ attitude.

You may read find the full archive here and see the presentation of main results here


Photographic synthesis & materials

Newspaper covers from Greece, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany and Belgium were presented in a single format with a view to visualize three key occasions of the Yugoslav Wars – the Srebrenica genocide, the Dayton Agreement and the NATO military intervention in Serbia.

You may see the results here, here and here.

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