TC Critical thinking, geopolitics, graphic facilitation, 10-18 October 2022, Le villa, France

What is this training course about?

It is about deepening your knowledge on the concepts and history of geopolitics, and critical thinking education. You will acquire practical skills on visual facilitation! You will be able to use it as facilitation and learning tools in geopolitics and critical thinking. You will also have the opportunity to exchanging good practices in a group of 26 youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers from France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

Partners: Concordia (coordinator, host, France)), Viaje a la Sostenibilidad (Spain), Building Bridges (Spain), Ala (Italy), Inter Alia (Greece), Experimentaculo (Portugal).

Find more about the training course in the draft info pack.

Please note: This call is for candidates living in Greece. If you wish to apply for this training course and you are non living in Greece, please contact the hosting organisation.

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