Closing Conference of the PERSE project – 15 February @Castello di Rivoli

After 2 years of trials and experiments, we were glad to present the PERSE method at the project’s closing conference that took place in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Castello di Rivoli, Italy. 

PERSE stands for PERspectives on Creativity and STE(A)M Educational fields while at the same time it pays tribute to the work of the French poet Saint-John Perse. Getting inspired by his invitation back in 1960, while receiving the Nobel prize for literature to no longer consider artists and scientists as hostile brothers because “they are exploring the same abyss and it is only in their modes of investigation that they differ”, we worked on modes of applying imagination to the processes of generating ideas, experimenting with alternatives and evaluating the final product.

We envisioned the creation of the PERSE method as a catalyst for creativity in young people, cultivating their transversal skills for both ART and STEM disciplines. For this reason, we designed and tested the method as a creativity-oriented pedagogical approach that overcomes established dualisms in education as formal – non-formal, ART and STEM, hard and soft knowledge, merging together art-based learning with inquiry science-based learning and technology-based learning in order to fully consolidate the development of STE(A)M key competences in youth.

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