EU: Beyond the Crisis, CALL FOR PAPERS

CALL FOR PAPERS (Submission of Abstracts Closed) Europe commemorates the passing of one century since the eruption of WWI in a challenging and complicated setting. The economic crisis has dealt serious blows to the foundations of the European Union and has exposed conceptual, political, economic and institutional weaknesses. Yet, in one way or another, the EU seems to have,…

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The Young Side of the Moon Training Course: Project Cycle Management

Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good PracticesCapacity Building for Youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia Training Course: Project Cycle Management20 – 28 February 2015, Caltanissetta, Italy Debbie:PCM training course in Caltanissetta was an awesome experience.First of all, the course was based on a brilliant idea, taking Pink Floyd’s tracks from the album “Dark Side Of…

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European Youth Citizen Position – 1st meeting in Narva, Estonia (4-9 November 2014)

From 4th to the 9th of November the first training of “European Youth Citizen Position” project was held in Narva, Estonia. The Self-development of young people is an extremely important and lifelong process.  Nowadays, this fact is widely recognised and therefore many opportunities for Self-development have appeared within the European Union. The “European Youth Citizen Position” project has set…

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BB: Filling in the gaps

Delphiko Conservatory (6 Korinthias Str. Athens), 9th of April, 18:30h INTER ALIA Civic Action Meeting Point and the Association of Albanian Students organised an interactive event as a part of a wider project that attempts to engage youths in civic debate on perceptions on the EU and the upcoming European Parliament Elections. In the beginning of the event, Nikos…

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