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Pointing a lens is an act of testifying on a view of the world.It contains reality, but it gives it a twist from ourselves. Seeing society through the lens we use makes us something more than a mere observer. We are on the one end of a relationship with the world. Who we include and how we include them, who we omit and why is part of the world we want and part of the world we can handle.

Connecting reflections on our personal view and angle towards our surroundings, discussing the camera and the actions it enables at a fundamental level, we contemplate on the arts of photography and video-making as means to modify society, include more people and create our own narratives.

In a series of 3 to 4 workshops, we will visit places of Athens, reflect on art, means, approach and practice and discuss how artistic creation can lead to more inclusive societies.No prior experience with photography or video is necessary, but some experience will allow for a deeper understanding of some parts.

No camera required, only restless gazes!


Photography vol.1Saturday, July 4th, 2020. A square (TBA). 18.30.
-“Gazing to know each other”
-Reflecting on our surroundings
-How things we built partake in our society
-Holding time
-Personal Stories:From “Αμα”teur to amateur (“αμα”=”if” in Greek)
-Seeing as mental photography:active observation

Video Making vol.1 – Friday, July 10th 2020. Our office’s neighborhood. 18.00.

Video Making vol.2 – TBA – Our office’s neighborhood.

Photography vol. 2 – TBA

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” – Annie Leibovitz

This is a series of workshops in the frame of activities of Interarts project. To reserve your place, please fill out your info on .

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