Experiential Lab: Child Rights Programming and Nonviolent Community Development

Training Course, Caltanissetta, Italy 8 – 14 May 2017

“Children Rights” was the key topic of our 7-day gathering in Caltanisseta Sicily, involving youth workers from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey and Jordan. We mainly focused on “refugee children” and their rights and how this is projected in our local communities, with the aim to raise awareness and to provide further topics for discussion among participants.

The process has been an amazing and fulfilling experience, from defining the issue to hands-on-experiences. No issue was left untouched. We have experimented lots of different tools; among others, the child right based analysis, the logical framework planning, the forum theatre, and the reciprocal maieutic approach. We have gained knowledge that can be applied to our organizations either in daily practice or in future collaboration with the colleagues we met in the seminar.

We also had the chance to meet people from diverse communities, to interact with multicultural backgrounds, to exchange training methodologies and to shape new collaborations; five different types of pilot projects were elaborated in teams of 4-5 participants, through daily working step-by-step according to the feedback and guidance of our main trainer, Fausto. The most amazing concept was the development of the sense of tolerance and the feeling of freedom, which enabled us to work in a balanced and fun way.

Thanks to our energizers and the team building activities, the common spirit was evident! A cultural visit to the city of Cefalù and the intercultural night contributed even more to the establishment of the common spirit.

Our hosts Fausto, Ali, Alessandro and Christina did an excellent job with their professionalism and warmth, supporting us in every possible way! Thank you Inter Alia for giving us the opportunity to participate and having this amazing experience!

Eleni, Katerina, Tania

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