A Decade of Change for the Civic Movement in Greece: A Brief Account


This report briefly accounts for some of the main street movements in Greece in the past decade. It aims to raise awareness about the events, seen from a non-institutional, grassroots view-point. The materials underpinning the report and the tentative conclusions it includes, are testimonials of participants in the events, on-line literature and videos and previous research of the author…

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Sustainable and Transformative Education for Participation in Democratic Life – Lessons Learned


The STEP project was based on the idea that the schools are agents for social change. Linking social action to education has the power to transform the social and cultural environment. This is why it is important for young people to be well informed, politically and socially involved. Raising awareness about the conditions in which they live and the…

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Youth Participation in the EU Affairs: The Greek Story


by Amerissa Giannouli Young people’s perception of the European Union (EU), the ways they exist, act and react within its reality has been a matter of political discussions that shaped European and national youth policies. This article explores and analyzes the main means for youth participation in policy-making at the EU level focusing on the case of Greece. It…

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The Scroll-Through Culture and the Information Flow

by Nikos Pasamitros, founding member of INTER ALIA, PhD candidate in the Panteion University of Athens Nowadays, most of us, computer users with internet access, get informed about news and developments through the World Wide Web. From news portals to social media, most websites and applications engage us in a constant scroll-through in search for what meets our interests….

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The Integration of Irregular Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Greece

By Hilary Emefiele Erhabor, MA student at the University of Siegen and former Erasmus Intern at Inter Alia In the last two decades, Greece has gone through a rapid transformation into a first country of arrival into Europe for immigrants particularly from Africa and Asia. However, the economic and financial crisis in Greece has impacted on the integration and…

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Education to say Goodbye… to the Culture of Growth

by Amerissa Giannouli More and more in the public and political debate, it is mentioning the need for “Sustainable Development”. Natural scientists are warning about the environmental degradation and the ecological limits of the planet. Indeed, the rapid economic and geopolitical changes, the technological developments, and everything else that is usually associated with globalization have made people question the…

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Αγνωστα Βαλκανια/Unknown Balkans

On the 2nd and 3rd of June, Inter Alia co-organised with KFOS and ELIAMEP the “Unknown Balkans” Event. The event hosted discussions with distinguished experts specialising on the Balkan region, photo exhibitions and presentations as well as screenings of award winning films. Presentation by Kalliopi Amygdalou The New authoritarianism in the Balkans: Crisis of democratic reforms or crisis of…

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Identity Issues and Europeanisation Process: Who “Tagged” the Balkans?

By Veroniki Krikoni, project manager at Inter Alia. self” and the “other” and consequently contrasting ideologies become significant markers in the discourse of “othering”. This “othering” discourse is built upon a particular narrative which is based on the European – Balkan dichotomy. Then, what are these grand narratives that have defined the Balkan identity construction process vis-à-vis the European…

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