Promoting Environmental Justice in Athens, Kalamata and the world

proenvironment protest

The phenomenon of “green” and “blue” growth has gained considerable ground in political debates and the business world. However, what happens when the proposed development plans do not address, but reinforce environmental problems? At the same time, forms of social oppression, such as discrimination, labour exploitation, the looting of natural resources, the privatization of the commons, contribute to ecological…

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International Conference: Potentials & Limitations of Subnational Responses to the Migrant Question in Europe

conference cover online

The international conference “Potentials & Limitations of Subnational Solutions to the Migrant Crisis” brings together mayors and local representatives, EU policy makers, civil society and scholars to discuss and envision local-level responses to challenges connected to increasing flows of migrants and refugees in the EU. Read More International Conference: Potentials & Limitations of Subnational Responses to the…

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iCitizen activities

Training Course, 9-15 September 2019, Marina di Cinisi, Italy By Martha Polychronopoulou The iCitizen Training course really gave me inspiration.My participation in this training it was a great opportunity for me to be more open–minded and active as European citizen. Through exercises like role playing, creation and implementation of a social campaign and sharing good practices through study visit…

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