Discovering the Sparkle behind Advocacy Campaigns


Personal Stories & Honest Connections in a Brave Space: A week-long capacity building programme on advocacy campaigning & employment for staff and volunteers of the ADYE project partners.

Most often, when we hear the word advocacy, our mind quickly slips to the process of changing policies and laws. While policies are undeniably at the center of advocacy actions, personal stories and powerful relationships give soul or the sparkle to them. Besides providing participants with a fruitful process and tools for campaign creation, the ADYE training also offered a learning space in which tension and risks were welcomed, identities, experiences but also disagreements explored in-depth. 

We showcased a wide range of experience based learning methods that focused on discovering personal stories. These stories helped participants understand what truly motivates them as individuals to take action and learn what drives others to fight for change.  Through acknowledging the importance of self-consciousness, listening, showing empathy, participants managed to create campaign plans built on real human emotions and stories. This process elevated their relatableness and hopefully their impact too in the future.  

The training was extremely interesting for me. Advocacy was something not really clear in my mind before the training. I discovered to have already done something similar to advocacy before without calling it in the correct way. The training was a perfect moment to understand better the issue, to compare my experience to the others’ and to learn about differences and similarities of southern Europe countries.


The ADYE training was an amazing experience that profoundly marked me. Throughout the activities, I learned the complex world of advocacy, which starts from our self-understanding. Thanks to this training, I feel more confident and motivated to advocate for youth employment in my home country, Italy, and spread good practices with other European peers across Southern Europe!


This Erasmus+ experience was very useful for me. The training through discussions, cooperation, particular exercises and anecdotes helped me to understand many things. I realised that we as young people of Europe have similar problems and that we should fight for our future united because change can happen. By having meaningful conversations, understanding our needs and realising which are the lenses through which we perceive the world, we can change the dominant narratives. Thus we can construct a better society that youth unemployment and other social problems would be minimised.


The training made me to really understand why advocacy for youth rights is fundamental and necessary, now more than ever. Connecting with other youth associations, exchanging opinions and information about each country’s issues about youth policies led us to an important awareness: young people in (southern) Europe are all facing insecurity and precariousness. That’s why youth associations need to have the right tools to build their power to represent the voice of young people. This training allowed us to start walking in the right direction. On a more personal level, ADYE helped me to be more aware of my advocacy skills and to get in contact with new realities and contexts.


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