Citizen’s Effect

Inter Alia participated in a training course organised by Ung och Aktiv I Umeå. In a 6 days’ time, the course applied non-formal learning technics to address the issue of active citizenship on all levels. Under the skilful guidance of Carmine Rodi and Honza Latal the course combined indoor and outdoor activities to deepen perceptions on citizenship. Youngsters and youth workers from 9 countries participated in the programme (Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom).

Inter Alia members Nikos Papakostas and Nikos Pasamitros hosted a workshop on the process of change through accepting and utilising crisis. The session was based on the concept of the Five Stages of Acceptance. The importance of gradual acceptance for the overcoming of crises was pointed out, through debate and non-formal methods.