EU: Beyond the Crisis

A Debate on Sustainable Integrationism

EU: Beyond the crisis. A Debate on Sustainable Integrationism is NOW available by Ibidem Verlag and Columbia University Press

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The Volume contains the following chapters:

ALBA FERRERI Armchair Quarterback or Most Valuable Player?—The Italian Parliament: Debating Economic Planning with a Crisis in the Offing (2006–2014)

EMMANUEL SIGALAS Between the Hammer and the Anvil: The Impact of the FinancialCrisis on the Greek Parliament

GEORGE KRITIKOS Spatial Inequalities and the Rise of the Far-right Wing Euroscepticism in Southern Europe: the cases of Greece and France

MAX LÜGGERT The Emergence of the ECB as a Political Actor

ANNA-LENA HÖGENAUER The Principle of Subsidiarity after Lisbon: Towards a Sustainable System of EU Multi-Level Governance?

ASIMAKIS TAMOURANTZIS The Challenges of the European Social Model—Economic & Political Cohesion in Post-Economic Crisis Eurozone

APOSTOLOS AGNANTOPOULOS (Dis)orienting the Greek Crisis

NIKOS PASAMITROS Conflict of Identity or Conflict of Interest: The two Facets of the EU North-South Divide

VASSILIKI DELLI EU’s Discourse ‘Invisibility’ on Social Europe and the European Social Model. Exploring New Legitimacy and Validity from a New Public Discourse Perspective in the Post-Economic Crisis Period