From Leipzig to Athens: A social worker’s Journal – Part 9 – Back to Leipzig

Elli with puppy

Final journal.

If I had written the report a week ago, it would have been a very different statement. But I am writing it now, exactly two weeks after my arrival back home. And I ‘m glad for writing it now. At the beginning of my arrival in Germany, I was very euphoric. I was looking forward to the new “first times”: seeing my friends, taking my parents in my arms, cuddling my dogs, not drinking chlorine-tasting tap water, going to clubs, having free time, enjoying the forest and just arriving. As nice as I have experienced these things, after the phase of euphoria comes the right arrival. I realize that it does not take long until the spirit of the foreign country becomes less and less present.

Yesterday, I picked up the pictures from my disposable camera. I did not become sad, but happy. The pictures are very valuable and showed me what a wonderful time I had and how happy I was. It was a completely different life for me during those three months. And yes, I was also a different person to a certain extent. You also define yourself through the setting that surrounds you. Being new in a country, a city, gives you the chance to redefine yourself. That’s something I am missing here. And I am in the process of rooting this new definition and the Greek lifestyle in my familiar surroundings.

I realized how important and positive my internship and my colleagues were for me. I am convinced of the meaningfulness and effectiveness of the work that each individual of the Inter Alia team does every day. I am very happy to have had this experience. Also, because I am realizing how important it is to be happy and motivated in the job and that this area of life is essential to be generally balanced and satisfied.

To end the article the way I started the New Year, a few more resolutions inspired from my time in Greece: More satisfaction and inner peace. Self-reflection – but only to a productive extent. Joy and happiness – more living in the moment. Gratitude for what you have. Goals are never unrealistic, for this reason: more courage and more motivation.

In this sense, to all a happy and exciting year 2020! And many thanks to all the people who made this time so special for me.

ElliHi! My Name is Elisabeth Schreier but everyone calls me Elli. I am 25 years old and I have successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts: Social Work in September 2019 in Leipzig. In Leipzig I have gained different experiences as a work student like working for and with a youth living unit for minor, female refugees and working in a close-to-family, integrative, stationary living unit for children and adolescents. Besides social work, my heart beats for animals. For this reason-in addition to the fact that I have two dogs- I absolved an internship at the institute of animal-assisted therapy and pedagogics in Denmark last year. Before going to Athens, I was volunteering in a shelter with over 350 stray dogs in Crete. After this more physical labour, I am excited to absolve a two-months internship at Inter Alia as part of an Erasmus graduate fellowship. The focus is on gaining and experiencing international and new impressions, working methods and diverse perspectives.

While in Athens, I implemented a workshop on female perspectives on the city.For more information on my project contact me