iCitizen activities

Training Course, 9-15 September 2019, Marina di Cinisi, Italy

By Martha Polychronopoulou

The iCitizen Training course really gave me inspiration.My participation in this training it was a great opportunity for me to be more open–minded and active as European citizen. Through exercises like role playing, creation and implementation of a social campaign and sharing good practices through study visit I gained more knowledge about active citizen’s education. It is true that Social Media and Active citizenship can be very useful tools in order to prevent xenophobia and political radicalization.

iCitizen activities

Nowadays, unfortunately in every space where you can express your opinion, you can realize that there is so much hate speech. Especially in social media, it is obvious that there are many haters who use violent communication as comments in some posts.Hate speech become more and more popular and tends to be habit in social’s media world.By my participation in “I citizen” training I realized that we can do little things in order to face up with hate speech and prevent discrimination.Apart from “bad” comments in social media, there is a positive voice with respect in human values and one kind of this voice is our campaign about human rights and solidarity. It is time to think and motivate ourselves in positive direction, we can transmit a good message that human values are still here in our society. So, by participation in activities which bring together people from different countries and cultures, we can create not only multicultural but also intercultural societies. I think that” I citizen” training course was a program which supported interactive learning methods and improved soft skills like empathy, flexibility and team work. Thank you Inter Alia for all!! By Marilena Kouparoussou

A very interesting and exciting training course took place in Palermo, in a beautiful training center, close to the sea. People from nine European countries participated (Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Portugal, Rumania): young people and adults all together, ages mixed, from 18 to 60 years old.

iCitizen activities

The objective of the training course was to educate youth workers on active citizenship and media literacy. It was so successfully planned the training with the activities that in fact helped all the participants to think more critically on the social media, finding ways to deal with the hate speech, helped them to organize a campaign in social media, create new networks and expand the knowledge to the world.

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Actually, after a lot of creative thinking, we managed to create a message, organize a campaign, going to Palermo and share the message with the people in the streets and not only…